Dining tables, Coffee- and Lamptables,  cabinets, room-dividers, lamps and the collection paintings or wall panels can be combined to create a unique atmosphere.

The three-piece roomdivider  Chatreuse, which has two useable sides, is made with the same design as wall panel Chatreuse and both together forms a beautiful combination. Some accents can be seen on the room-divider named “Chatreuse” . These accents are made with real Swarovski crystals.

An identical finish is applied to “Silver Tiles Antique Chest” and the roomdivider “Antique Silver Tiles”. This finish involves a special metalic. This metalic is cut into the desired shape and is subsequently manually applied After drying and fixating, the surface is lightly sanded and then painted. This is very painstaking and time-consuming work. However, this finishing method provides many opportunities for both color and effect.

This technique is also used in the other collections by Paluga Art & Décoration. The “weathered and aging optics” comes into its own within our collection.

“Zebra large side-table” is made of solid oak wood. The top is handpainted with a zebra motif and is fixated with a varnish. The matching three-part “Zebra” roomdivider  can be used on both sides. It is also good to combine with  various paintings or wall panels from Paluga Art & Decoartion.

Dining table Narbonne and cabinets Narbonne, Granada are entirely  handmade from solid rough wood. Using this rough and brushed wood  results  in a sturdy and authentical look but still remaining  the elegancy of the classical style.  All items are handpainted and finished.


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