Paintings or Wall panels

Actually, the wall panels from Paluga Art & Decoration are paintings made from wood and a cement-mortar.

The designs are first drawn and then edited before they are suitable to be executed in this technique. All the details and lines are laid out with great care and precision before they are processed with the different techniques. Finally, the wall panels are finished with a special cement-mortar to obtain the illusion of aging.

The wall panels or paintings  are not only suitable for decorating a private interior but also fit particularly fine in office buildings. As such they are chic in the boardroom, meeting rooms and waiting rooms.

Each wall panel or painting  is made by hand. Therefore the post-delivery can result in having small visible  differences. These differences emphasize the exclusivity and charm of each wall panel. If you have your own idea of a different size, color or even a unique design then this is also one of the possibilities.

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